Our History

Strengthening Churches in Transition for 30+ Years

For 30+ years, Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) has provided temporary interim pastors for churches between pastors, strengthening churches in transition. This transition in the life of a church, whatever the cause, is an opportune time to regroup, self-examine, deepen spiritually, strengthen leadership and programs, and discern a shared vision for the next season of ministry.

Congregations need unique guidance to move forward with confidence. Our ministry began in 1990, as a response to this need. We train qualified, experienced interim pastors for this unique time in a church’s life.

Since our origin, our goal has been to assist in the development of healthy churches. We seek to support and serve with district and denominational leaders, and act as a resource for these leaders and the churches we serve.

While our home office is in Orleans, Michigan, our Interim staff is spread throughout the country. We have over 180 pastors in our organization, and we have over 80 pastors placed in churches of varying sizes at any given time.

Our pastors agree with our doctrinal statement and have been prescreened regarding ministry effectiveness. They have served in a variety of evangelical fellowships in various parts of the United States and ministered in other parts of the world. Many of our pastors have experience in multiple staff ministries and some have doctoral degrees.

Depending on the needs of your congregation, our pastors can serve either as Traditional or Intentional Interim Pastors and either in part-time or full-time positions. Each of our trained interim pastors brings experience, wisdom, maturity, and energy. Because our pastors are uniquely qualified at strengthening your church during the interim, they cannot serve as your congregation’s permanent pastor.

Confidence for your Transition

The value of 30+ years of experience in interim ministry.
When a church is seeking an interim pastor, they have many options. But not every interim pastor has an organization behind them with 30+ years of experience training pastors for this unique time in the life of a church. Each IPM pastor is backed by an organization with longevity and stability. What does this mean for your church? Watch here.

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Preparing for the Future of Your Church – Interim Pastor Ministries provides temporary pastors to strengthen churches during pastoral transition for greater effectiveness.