A New Season of Ministry

How IPM Guides You Through Your Pastoral Transition

Losing a pastor is never easy. Whatever the reason. Often there is hurt. Most always there is uncertainty. The loss is real. But the time between pastors can be fruitful.

Here is how IPM prepares churches for the next season of ministry:

Providing Competent and Caring Pastors

IPM pastors are credentialed, experienced, and spiritually mature. But they’re not just preachers. They also care for the needs of the people.

Forming a Strong Partnership

We design the ministry of the interim to meet the current needs of your church. Some churches only need regular pulpit supply, while others need serious crisis intervention.

Offering Objectivity

IPM pastors offer a unique kind of objectivity in a time of transition, addressing current problem areas that an insider can’t always point out.

Contributing Wisdom

IPM pastors offer wisdom and experience that calms anxiety and helps prepare the church for the next season of ministry.

Creating Stability

IPM pastors create stability for the congregation during a time of upheaval by providing consistent leadership and pastoral care.

A Team Equipped to Move You Forward

The IPM pastor is backed by a team to strengthen your church.
When you bring in an IPM pastor, he will do more than maintenance. What does an IPM pastor’s work look like? What does he bring to the church that other interim pastors don’t offer? Watch here.

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Preparing for the Future of Your Church – Interim Pastor Ministries provides temporary pastors to strengthen churches during pastoral transition for greater effectiveness.