IPM’s Intentional Process

A Roadmap to Improve Your Church’s Health, Effectiveness and Future

IPM pastors are trained to build up your church for its next season of ministry. Our training process is intentional, designed to produce interim pastors that affirm the strengths of your church while identifying what’s necessary to move forward. So you are prepared for optimal kingdom effectiveness.

Our roadmap is comprised of 5 stages:

Stage 1

Come to terms with the church’s history.

Stage 2

Assess church health.

Stage 3

Facilitate action.

Stage 4

Lead strategic planning.

Stage 5

Coach pastoral search team.

This process involves forming a Transition Team, typically comprised of existing leadership as well as other emerging leaders and key workers. This process will help improve your church’s health, effectiveness, and ability to secure a pastor who will have a long and effective ministry with you.

Stability for Your Transition

The value of 30+ years of experience in interim ministry.
When a church is seeking an interim pastor, they have many options. But not every interim pastor has an organization behind them with 30+ years of experience training pastors for this unique time in the life of a church. Each IPM pastor is backed by an organization with longevity and stability. What does this mean for your church? Watch here.

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Preparing for the Future of Your Church – Interim Pastor Ministries provides temporary pastors to strengthen churches during pastoral transition for greater effectiveness.